About Hope Squadron

Hi all!

Hope Squadron is a co-op focussed shmup. As a kid, I loved to play shmup's and I've always wanted to make one.  And why not create something you can play with a friend? This is also the first game I made in Pico8 and the first time I've used the LUA programming language.

The inspiration came to me when I gave a seminar at the HKU where students had to make a game and put it on itch.io within 2 weeks. I wanted to see if I could do it myself and when I was on my 2017-2018 holiday break I created Hope Squadron.

Another goal of the project was to have a shmup with a unique backstory.

Please let me know what you think, what your highscore is. Any feedback on bugs and suggestions for improvements are also welcome!

I hope you have a nice time playing Hope Squadron.


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Jan 08, 2018

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